Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's end

It's the end of August, and most of my summer "to do" list didn't get done.

There were a few things accomplished.  I started this blog!  I managed to clear out my linen closet- there was just no way to justify keeping 20 extra pillowcases that we don't use.   I finally tore down the ugly, beige, dentist office style vertical blinds that have been on my sliding door since we moved in 12 years ago.  I went to my 30th high school reunion.  I helped my sister with her wedding.  And various other things. 

Some things I never got around to.  Some of it can wait.  It won't matter if the stuff in the garage doesn't get sorted out until next spring.  The windows will get washed eventually.

But there are some things that shouldn't wait.  I learned that through experience four years ago, when I unexpectedly lost my mom.  I made sure not to make that mistake with my dad, and we became closer than ever, up to his death two years ago.  I miss them both every day.

 I need to spend time with those I care about.

So, in these last few days before school starts here, there's some things to catch up on...

Spend some time at the ocean with my oldest daughter before she heads back to college.

Have a "girls day out" with  one of my best friends.

Take two wonderful little girls (a friend's daughters) to a special lunch with "Miss Sue" (I think I'm an honorary auntie).

Make sure my youngest knows that no matter what she may do, I love her.

Take time to spend with God.

So much to do...

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