Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

Thursday was supposed to be our "Sharpie day".

My friend Lynnette and I came up with that term for our "girls day out".  It started as a response to our trying to schedule time to hang out together.  We decided we weren't going to "pencil" each other in on our calendars...we were going to use a Sharpie permanent pen! The name stuck.

We went to Wight's Home and Garden in Lynnwood to see their "Wonderland of Christmas".  Every year, they set up 30-something themed Christmas trees, and carry everything you need to decorate for the holidays. Lots of ideas. We laughed about the black (fake) poinsettias, which we thought looked like they belonged in "The Nightmare Before Christmas".  I understand decorating in black and white, but black flowers just don't do it for me.

We headed to Olive Garden and had the soup, salad and bread sticks.  We talked about the various things going on in our lives.  She has been an incredible support to me, as well as being a great friend and a lot of fun! 

Next we headed to Value Village for one of our favorite activities, thrift shopping!  Like usual, she found more good stuff than I did... she even found a "Nightmare Before Christmas" t-shirt for one of her daughters. We thought finding that was a great coincidence.

Then I got the text message.

We'd had trouble with one of my daughter's medications lately- her blood tests had shown she didn't have enough in her system.  This last week, we'd been very vigilant about making sure she took it on time.  She had blood draw on Tuesday to check the levels.

Her GI doctor had called- the test showed the medication was at a toxic level, and she was concerned about possible kidney damage.  My daughter drove herself to the local hospital for blood and urine tests.  (Of course, this all happened in the evening when the clinics were closed.)  We decided we'd better head home, in case I needed to take my daughter to Children's.  When my daughter got back, we waited for Children's to call.  Long story short, we ended up going to the ER at Children's.  We got there about 11pm.  She  was given a magnesium IV as her electrolytes were all out of whack.  That made her blood pressure a little low, so she was given extra fluids to bring it back up.  It was 5am before they moved her to a hospital room.  Now, they may have couches and recliners for parents who stay with their kids, but  if you've spent much time in a hospital, you know that you don't get much sleep.

Thankfully, there was no problem with her kidneys.  Because we were at the hospital, we started meeting with some of the transplant team- doctors, nutritionists, social workers.  She was able to come home Friday night.

So, my day didn't turn out as planned...  

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