Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flower Tea Lights

I saw this idea at a craft fair a couple of months ago.  I think it would be a great party favor, and it's cheap!

What you need

Battery powered tea light (dollar stores usually have them in a 2 pack)
silk flowers
scrapbook paper to coordinate with flowers

Cut a strip of paper to fit around base of tea light.

Glue paper around base of tea light.  If it's not exactly the right size, you can trim it, but the flowers will hide imperfections.

Take apart your flowers.

Cut a small slit in the bottom of the petal.  It doesn't have to be big- just enough to slip over the bulb.

Slip petal over bulb.  I found it worked better to put some of the petals upside down, but it will depend on your flowers.

Add more petals, until it's as full as you like it.

That's it!

The best thing is, that with the exception of the tea lights, you can use your leftover craft materials.
  Hope you enjoyed this!


we three dogs and me said...

I love your tea light. very clever and pretty. Your tea cup is precious too.

Lynn said...

I love this idea, Love the simplicity of it for such a romantic result. Am going to try this. Also am going to show your post to my older daughter. She so loves things like this. Beauty on a budget. Thank you for sharing.