Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vintage Wedding Dress

 I recently attended a tea and vintage fashion show with my sister and one of our friends.  This isn't the kind of activity we usually do, but this was for a special reason.

When our parents passed away, we were faced with cleaning out their house.  To put it lightly, our mom was a packrat!

One decision that we had to make was about our great-great grandmother's wedding dress. Neither of us had the room to store it, and we just couldn't bring ourselves to take it apart to use it for anything else.

We decided to donate it.  We offered it to the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.  They turned it down, because there wasn't a "Seattle connection" to the dress.

Finally, my sister found a woman who puts on vintage fashion shows.  She was thrilled to take the dress, and even gave us more information about it.

The dress is from the 1870's, made of satin and beaded brocade.  We know that my great-great grandmother was a servant in a castle in Scotland.  The dress would not be affordable to a servant, so it was most likely a gift from her employer.

The dress is made in three pieces; the bodice, skirt and train.  It was stored in a cardboard box before it came to my mom, but amazingly, it's in very good condition.

Although I'm sure that my mom would have liked for one of us to keep the dress, I think that she'd be pleased that it's being preserved and appreciated.

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