Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An early Christmas gift

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I had our long-belated birthday lunch together.  We both have July birthdays, but due to schedules and unexpected events, we hadn't been able to find a time that worked for us.

After we exchanged our birthday gifts, my sister announced that she had my Christmas gift in the basement.  At this point, I was thinking, "What?"  It's not like we don't see each other on holidays.
This was my gift... two chairs that belonged to my grandma.

My grandmother lived with us until I was ten years old, and I remember her having these chairs.  I know there was at least one more, so I'm thinking that they were dining room chairs.  I believe they originally belonged to my great-great aunt, known in the family as "Nana Taylor".  Nana took in my grandmother after her mother had died, when her stepmother apparently didn't like her.  Can't understand that, my grandmother was a sweetheart!
These chairs ended up with one of my aunts.  When my grandmother moved to a nursing home, there was a bit of a "family feud" at the time over her possessions.  My dad just threw up his hands and said he didn't want anything, so my sister and I only had a few small items that belonged to her.  My aunt recently went into an Alzheimer's home, and these chairs were left after the estate sale.  My sister knew that I liked them, and got them from my cousin.

I'm pretty sure that the needlepoint was done by Nana Taylor.  She owned a needlework and stitchery shop in Tacoma, Washington.

The design on this chair was done in pettipoint.  I can only imagine how long that took!  Maybe that's why the other chair was done in regular needlepoint!
I'm thrilled to have these family heirlooms!

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Sue,
I am so happy for you that you got the chairs! They really are lovely and precious heirlooms that hold special memories for you. It was lovely of your sister to surprise you with them. Thank you so much for sharing them at my HOME and have a beautiful weekend.